High Five, you did it! Thank you so much!

But that wasn't all... Power-up your voucher by $5 USD more?

We at Just-Superb believe that effort has to be rewarded. Just like in a computer game we offer a power-up for our happy customers, kind of like a second dessert ...

Within only 30-60 seconds more you could increase the value of your voucher by 50%, how cool is that?

Here's what you would need to do: 

1. Step:

On desktop click here.
On mobile you need to have the Facebook app installed. Either click this &open with the Facebook App(you can proceed with step 2 if this works. Or...

Alternatively do this:

  • go to your Facebook app
  • click the  symbol on the top right
  • scroll to "See More" & click it
  • click "Recent Ad Activity"


2. Step:

Find our ad and leave your positive feedback:

High Five you did it! Thank you so much!


3. Step:

Once you gave us your feedback, send us a screenshot as a reply to our previous e-mail.

 And boom your voucher will be worth $5 more...seems like paradise is now handing out free coconuts to you. Question is, will you drink one or 2?